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Conexus Crypto —

The first multifunctionalinternational crypto-service headquartered in Georgia, the most favorable country for the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our state actively supports the cryptocurrency industry, and unlike other countries does not hinder innovation and progress of the investment asset market!

Crypto-currency exchange in Georgia is completely legal procedure when the buyer and the seller are exempted from paying both taxes and VAT.

Georgia is not participating in the exchange of tax information with any country.

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Cryprocurrency token

We are a totally private, politically detached company, we have people of different political views in our team, but what unites and fascinates us is the possibility of development, that Blockchain! technology opens for mankind!

Our mission is to provide quality exchange service, so our task is to secure our clients from the legal side as well!

Our priorities


Confidentiality and anonymity


Regularity and timeliness


Affordable prices according to the market situation


Speed, responsiveness to requests and the best exchange solutions!

Crypto exchange services and more

We deal in buying and selling cryptocurrencies for cash in different volumes, we conduct cash transactions at the Tbilisi office or bank branches / currency exchange services.

We work with Georgian banks:

We can fund your accounts by depositing cash through an ATM Cash in.


Cryptocurrency exchange

— We can sell cryptocurrency from all over the world, have several legal accounts in different countries to receive and process payments to the USA / Canada / Europe and other countries using Swift, Sepa or Wire

— We are able to fund cards of banks of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus by means of secure transfers within the country or cash deposits via ATMs.

— We work on regular basis with major investors in USDT, can collect any usdt / btc amount for you regularly

— Work with any known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin / Tether USD / Etherium / any altcoins listed on Binance. Also working with any major p2p-platforms and exchanges.


Development of software for cryptocurrency exchangers


Research in
Blockchain developments


Mining hardware sales


and legal services

Contact us now or visit a convenient office

Tbilisi, Liberty Square 4, 2 floor, office 2


+995 595 94 00 03

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Crypto Banknotes —

30 safety functions protect your bitcoins: special ink, holograms, electronic signature, microtexts and much more.

Accepted all over the world, they last 20 years, withstand the washing machine cycle, protected from hacks. Better than cash, no limit!


Hardware wallet TREZOR MINI —

  • Image Risk-free use
  • Image Protected and does not require backups
  • Image U2F protection technology
  • Image Supports Windows and MacOS OS

Supports over 1000 coins:


SSD drive iStorage diskAshur —

Encrypts data using proven AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption and uniquely includes a secure microprocessor with Common Criteria EAL4 + support that uses built-in physical security mechanisms designed to protect against outside tampering and bypass physical attacks.

The built-in keyboard is covered with a layer of polymer coating that protects the keys and hides their use so that a potential attacker does not use frequently used keys.


You can find these and many other utilities here.

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